Help feed 1000 Indigenous People in Honduras


This pilot project will provide 100 farmers with quantities of seeds, tools and fertiliser to recover from poor harvests last year. After 1 year they give back the initial quantity for another farmer.

Over recent years, many harvests in this region have been devastated through storm damage and many of the farmers have found it hard to cope with the reduced income. This project will kick start their efforts and also aim to strengthen community spirit through the initiation of various cooperatives. Once working successfully the farmers will be given ownership over the program, which can become self perpetuating and financing using a micro financing model, but without money.

Providing the farmers with seeds will help them feed their families and communities, with wide ranging benefits affected over 1000 people. The project will strengthen community spirit, tying in with other programs run by GVI-CT in the region.

This project will feed 1000 indigenous people and become sustainable into the future. If this pilot works, then future farmers will be asked to give back the initial amount and also to provide the local school with some of the produce.

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