Hurricane Dean Disaster Relief


Through this project we will be helping the thousands of indigenous Mayans and residents displaced by the hurricane and its aftermath, as well as the many small NGOs that have lost valuable resources.

Villages and communities along the southern Yucatan Coast have been wiped out. We will help with provision of basics such as: Food Shelter Water Sanitation Cooking Utensils Clothes Housing materials We will also help directly with the clean up of the coastline and re-building of the communities. Numerous small charities and NGO’s that GVI partner with have also been affected by this hurricane and we will be helping to replenish equipment so they can continue their invaluable work.

Activities will include the provision of services and amenities for stake holders as well as the purchase and donation of materials for shelter, water and food provision, first aid, education, income generation, sanitation and cooking.

The local communities have lost everything. This project allows them to help themselves rebuild, aiding both the communities directly and the local NGOs that supply long term assistance in the area.

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