Transitioning communities to Fuel Efficient Stoves

We raised $6,226 and funded 40 stoves in rural Honduras

Train local tradesmen to produce fuel-efficient stoves for 40 rural Honduran families, improving the health of approximately 500 people in the first year and increasing long-term income potential.

Affecting the indigenous families of rural Honduras, these stoves have many benefits:
1) Indoor wood smoke is a greater health issue than malaria, therefore are direct health benefits.
2) Burning fuel in a much more efficient manner they reduce CO2 emissions.
3) Using less fuel they in turn become an indirect income generation tool as villagers have to buy less fuel or spend less time collecting fuel.
4) They are also a tool for reduced cutting off forests for the same reason.

Working alongside international volunteers from GVI, this project will train 4 local tradesmen to produce 40 fuel efficient stoves.

Trained locals will train others and due to efficiency of the stoves they pay for themselves within a relatively short time. With the 40 there to demonstrate this, they will quickly become the norm. This will have huge health impacts for the kids.

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