Fund 170+ Primary School Children in South Africa

Education is a key factor in improving livelihoods and breaking the cycle of poverty. The problem is that millions do not have access to education and the children that do often suffer from poor quality education, lack of teachers, resources and a safe learning environment. The goal of this project is to provide children in critical areas with quality learning opportunities and resources to help them continue studying in higher education, find a job and eventually move themselves out of poverty. This ultimately benefits the community as these empowered children can make an active change to improve their communities.

A gift to this project goes a very long way. We are working with a number of schools across townships and support over 40 Grade R students, 27 Grade 1 Students, 22 Grade 2 Students and 14 Grade 3 students with a new group starting in 2021 when we open a Grade 4 class. Gifts to this project funds resources, stationery and sports equipment required resources to allow us to provide access to quality education to township families.

Townships still face the harsh conditions of inequality and many areas are affected by water pollution due to poor sanitation and substandard housing conditions. These overpopulated communities with poor access to resources also face challenges when it comes to Education. Poor infrastructure, sub-standard teaching quality and high-drop out rates have resulted in South African schools being declared as among the most inept in the world.

Our educational program adopts a small group teaching style with primary school students which helps support the students learning with the aim of improving both their math and reading skills. Our school provides opportunities within the school and local community bringing sustainable skills to the classroom. Our school includes sports PE lessons, swimming lessons, visits to the local beach while bringing in local authorities to showcase their work too.

At the root of education, we hope to improve students level of English but also their confidence and self-esteem. Enabling students to successfully graduate from High School which will cause a ripple effect in the community. Access to quality education helps create greater job opportunities which in turn has a positive impact on employment rates and general health and living standards. By assisting, we hope to increase young people’s prospects of a brighter future and a sustainable community.

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