How to make a difference this UN World Health Day?

Health is a fundamental human right. We should all have access to health services. Unfortunately this is not the case in many rural and hard to reach areas. 

With a high number of the population living in poverty, there are few who have access to proper healthcare. Government funding is minimal and public healthcare facilities are understaffed and under-resourced, making it nearly impossible for many to access healthcare.

One of our main priorities is funding a clinic in Zimbabwe, which was constructed around 1970. With a population of over 5000 people around the community, the clinic is facing serious challenges in terms of service delivery and the wider community being at a high risk of many other diseases and illnesses.

Why is it that girls and women are still struggling with menstrual health support and maternity care in the 20th century? 

A shocking 67% of girls in Zimbabwe miss school due to a lack of menstrual hygiene products. This should not be an issue which women need to face. Education, equality, Health and Well-Being should not be a goal but rather a way of life.

Getting Corporations involved

Generous donors have emptied out their pockets and tried their best in funding this clinic. We are now reaching out to corporations to help us in the sustainability of this clinic and several more to come. We desperately need to upgrade the clinic which will include security and safety measures. The local community is a farming community in extreme poverty and as a result items have been stolen, thus the emphasis on security. Apart from security the clinic needs to be renovated, new equipment, more beds, medical supplies and the list goes on.

More beds needed in labor ward

Corporates can get their employees motivated and involved by sponsoring a health clinic in Africa, going beyond donations. Help us provide a sustainable and healthy future for these communities. Employees can witness  and feel a part of the long term benefits. From minimizing the spread of diseases burdening the country, to helping locals maintain good health as well as providing jobs and employment opportunities to community members who want to get involved or are looking for a job as a healthcare worker. 

Clinic needing security and renovation

We can not turn a blind eye any longer and leave those in need to endure these difficulties. Act today and help us fund and provide a safe, sustainable clinic.

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