Fund Healthcare Awareness Workshop in South Africa

Our local township school aims to become the hub of the community. Already providing education and women empowerment lessons to mothers the school is looking to launch in 2021 a community healthcare project. Healthcare in South Africa is very limited and the majority of the community can’t afford the healthcare services. With your support, our school aims to run a community health project for free to support the local community.

South Africa is facing a number of major issues when it comes to the healthcare system, and for a country with high rates of disease, this is not something they can afford to deal with. A lack of funding and pervasive poverty is keeping a high number of the population in ill health and with thousands dying due to a lack of testing centres, treatment facilities and inefficient infrastructure. Our local school is aiming to tackle these issues by becoming a hub for healthcare in the community

With a high number of the population living in poverty, there are few who have access to proper healthcare. Government funding is minimal and public healthcare facilities are understaffed and underresourced, making it nearly impossible for many to access healthcare. South Africa also has a high burden of disease with Tuberculosis, HIV and Aids being prevalent in the country and without adequate testing centres people are often unaware and spread the disease tenfold

Our aim to set up our local school as a community health centre to provide testing, emergency and everyday healthcare responses to people in need as well as provide workshops and classes to the local community members. Workshops will include topics such as HIV/Aids and how to minimise the spread and protect yourself, COVID safety workshops etc. Local testing and treatment centres will also create jobs as we provide training community members

The long term benefits of this project are vast and incredible. From minimising the spread of diseases burdening our country, to helping locals maintain good health as well as providing jobs and employment opportunities to community members who want to get involved or are looking for a job as a healthcare worker. By providing the necessary resources and infrastructure we will help a community become empowered, especially during the pandemic!

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