Christmas is coming and so is the end of 2022, we have done some amazing things together and we have time to do so much more!

As 2022 comes to an end and we prepare to thank our friends and family it is also the biggest time of the year for charitable giving and being such a tough year we need you now more than ever.  Join Us and celebrate changing the future together by buying a gift for someone special that has the ‘wow factor’. Our festive advent calendar is a great alternative where £1 a day from every sale goes to a project so if we sell 1,000 calendars £1,000 a day goes to a project and you will receive a daily email to open to see where your donation ended up each day leading up to Christmas. Alternatively purchase a donation gift card and let them choose to donate to one of our over 70 projects around the world.

Looking for corporate gift for staff and customers?

We have a number of unique and great options to reward your stuff.  Check out our corporate page now or contact