Impact eAdvent Calendar

Donate to a different project daily from 1st December


On Sale Now for £25 


Each day, from the 1st to 25th December, we’ll donate £1 from your eAdvent Calendar purchase to one of our 75 projects spanning health and wellbeing, community development, education and enterprise, and environmental conservation. Countries where we have active projects includes India, South Africa, Laos, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Fiji, and many more.

You’ll receive an update each day on where your donation is heading, and a thank you message from our project partner receiving the funds.

This is a small financial commitment with the potential to change the lives of many people worldwide in the build up to Christmas. Purchase individually, for friends and family, or one for each of your employees and make a real difference.

For multiple purchases, we will be in touch to confirm the emails of the recipients you would like to send the calendar to. 

Check out the projects where your donation could go here