Train Kenyans in alternative charcoal production

Project fully funded

Help prevent destructive and illegal charcoal production with training in alternative production methods and income generation. This project will also fund reforestation in the Shimoni Forest.

Ansuwani is a small community in Kwale district Kenya. Kwale District has been ranked among the poorest in education infrastructure and resource development in Kenya. Over 50% of children have no access to education and where present the quality of education is very low, 70% of adults lack basic literacy skills, thus perpetuating poverty. Although the forests of Ansuwani are considered sacred and use discouraged many people now see selling trees for timber and charcoal as their only option.

We will train locals to make briquettes as an alternative to charcoal. Scraps, saw-dust and old paper can be turned into a sustainable alternative fuel using a pellet press. Training in alternative incomes will help generate a sustainable income.

In addition to charcoal burning, illegal logging is a major threat to Shimoni forest. This project will fund reforestation and implement a forest scout program to deter loggers and protect the forest.

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