Inspire and empower Indigenous youth in Australia

Project Fully funded at $70,000 over 8 years.

Indigenous youth living in remote communities in Australia are often neglected and receive very little support. We aim to reach out to these communities and offer our support but hosting recreational trips with a focus on surfing and stand up paddling. These trips can act as a catalyst to engage, inspire and empower these young people.

Many indigenous young people are disadvantaged due to isolation and a shocking lack of community resources in these isolated communities. With little support, opportunity or encouragement to engage in positive, recreational activities these youth often have very low aspirations and make poor life choices. These poor choices in relation to diet, exercise, drug use and sexual behaviour are a direct result of this lack of support.

Desert2Surf aims to promote the physical and mental health and well-being of disadvantaged indigenous youth from remote communities in Australia. We do this by running trips which engage participants in fun, challenging and empowering recreational activities such as surfing and stand up paddling. These trips also provide the opportunity to engage with people from outside of their small isolated, communities which can help them to broaden their horizons and aspirations.

We aim to empower participants and encourage them to take on the role of Youth Leaders in their communities. The youths who participate are also able to develop communication skills and the hope is that they will become role models for others in the communities and encourage more youths to participate in healthy recreational activities and make better life choices.

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