Sponsor a Women to Start Her Own Business in Ghana

Providing taught skills training to women we often see many star women that could be the next local entrepreneur but do not have the capital. Our small grants and loans allow women to purchase their first batch of material or supplies to create a product to take to market. Once they make their first batch they become sustainable and use their profit to grow their business. We sometimes invest again with a small loan or grant to help them employ other locals and grow to the next stage! Making employment opportunities is our aim.

This project aims to identify aspiring local entrepreneurs who want to set-up a business and give themselves a sustainable income source. Often these women have a great business idea but with no means of funding it themselves, the government is also often not an option due to lack of funding. We will provide these women with grants to get a head start in their business and instead of paying high-interest rates on a loan they instead can give back to the project to help the next woman

Life in a township is unregistered and therefore you can’t just set up a business. The only way we can tackle all the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is through training, investment and job creation, this is what is at the heart of this project. A gift to this project helps our women take the first step to a future as a female entrepreneur. This helps tackle the inequality of gender across Africa

We get to know the women as they sign up and join our 6-week training program and therefore we are in the best position to identify women that graduate and have the drive to set up their own business but are presented with a block due to funding. We will continue to provide graduates with support and access to sewing machines, stoves and computers but with a small start-up grant to purchase essential supplies is often the only thing needed to support local women start her very own business

This will reduce dependency on foreign aid and create sustainable economic growth and empower locals to take control over their future. In addition, the project will contribute to skills development and provide job opportunities which will break the cycle of poverty. By having an income, families will have the means to independently pay for food, education and healthcare which will again reduce dependency and contribute to economic growth.

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