International Scholarships for Change

United Nations Youth Australia is an amazing group of young people dedicated to changing the world. As part of the project, UN Youth offers international experiences for youth ambassadors that will be the leaders of change in the future. This project aims to provide scholarships to young people that show the passion and drive to be a future influencer but are unable to afford their personal development.

The United Nations and their work reach most corners of the globe, and even though their work is incredible, many people, especially the youth are unaware of how to become involved or begin actioning change within their own communities. This project is based in Australia and is eared towards recruiting aspiring and passionate individuals to become UN youth ambassadors and offer international experiences to boost their career opportunities and provide them with valuable skills.

The opportunity to become a UN youth ambassador and voice for change within a community, should not be limited purely to people who have the means to fund themselves, which is why the main goal of our project is to provide access to these opportunities to ANY PASSIONATE individual who is motivated to make a change, no matter their economic status or social standing.

After carefully selecting the individuals most suited and passionate about this opportunity, we then provide scholarships and funding to help make their dream a reality. This empowers individuals to take control of their life and become proactive in the fight to tackle all 17 United Nations SDGs by 2030. Not only will these students receive unparalleled international experiences, but they will also boost their CV, skills and gain knowledge on how to best become advocates for change in their communities

Our goal with this project is to inspire young people, from all walks of life, to become ambassadors for change and contribute positively to their country’s economy as well as creating awareness and educating people around them on the global issues and efficient ways to tackle them. The youth’s voice is strong and we aim to empower them to use it in the most productive and effective way. Together we can tackle all United Nations SDGs by 2030.

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