Providing Opportunities to Women in Ghana

Women often drop out of education early in Africa due to poverty. Often young girls are required to stay home to help with family chores or due to no money can’t attend school due to no access to sanitary products. Our project is in the heart of the community and helps women train to sew, use a computer or cook so they can enter employment, set up their own business aimed at the local and tourist markets. We aim to give women the tools and skills to change their future

Pre COVID-19 South Africa had an alarming number of cases of unemployment and today the figures are critical meaning many people are left without a home or food. In November 2020 we started our women empowerment project again and we are now starting to teach sewing lessons and soon will extend to catering and computing. By providing skills training and CV support we hope to empower these women and give them a sense of independence as well as a source of income

Life in a township is difficult at the best of times and even more so for women in particular. High levels of gender inequality mean that women are unable to work or earn an income. This is due to the lack of access to education, leaving school early to look after their families and gender discrimination in the workplace. This keeps women in the cycle of poverty and they become dependent on their husbands for support. We hope to break this cyle through this skill-training project

We aim to provide training to women through a 6-week program where they will learn to either sew, cook or work on a computer. This will help us tackle inequality in these difficult areas, empowering women and giving them an opportunity to boost their CV so that they may find employment and look after themselves and their family. After the 6-weeks the women will have to volunteer to teach and mentor the next group, making it sustainable.

Our goal with this project is to training and skills to women in townships across South Africa, allowing them access to new job opportunities and earn themselves an income. This will empower women as they will no longer have to rely on their husbands for money as well as creating jobs, in the long run, to increase employment in these areas and boost the economy. This project is also sustainable as materials can be funded through the selling of their finished products

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