Small Island Recycling & Waste Management Caqalai

To improve the disposal of waste for community members by introducing recycling points.

The Moturiki Waste Management Program is intended to improve the waste disposal options for the communities on Moturiki, a small island approximately 45 minutes by boat from the mainland. The remote location of the island encourages the burying and burning of any waste with negative implications for the environment. Introducing a waste management and recycling project poses many challenges which can be overcome with education and a plan to manage the logistics of waste removal

Inorganic waste on the island of Moturiki is either buried (glass & tins) or burnt (plastic & everything else), releasing hazardous toxins into the environment. This pollution compromises the village plantations, marine life & reduces the area of land for future building developments, possibly compromising the safety of the community. Air quality in the vicinity of the burn pits is poor, creating further health hazards to the surroundings.

Working alongside the community to meet their needs & encourage ownership of the program to ensure its longevity. Working with the MYMST (Moturiki Yabula Management Support Team) on the waste management plan, confirming the logistics of waste removal from Moturiki to the recycling centre in Lami, prior to building 2 recycling points in Uluibau and Nasesara. Monitoring each recycling point & helping communities with management, monitoring the sorting of materials & maintaining structures.

Over the long term we hope to reduce the amount of waste on Moturiki that is polluting the environment and affecting the health of the communities. By encouraging the ownership of the project by the communities, we are ensuring the longevity of the program.

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