Expanding Access to Water & Sanitation in Caqalai

There is limited safe drinking water and with periods of drought we install rainwater harvesting systems for the community

In many parts of rural Fiji, access to safe drinking water is limited and water shortages can pose a real threat to daily life and the health of the communities. We aim to increase resilience in communities with limited access to fresh water for domestic use by enhancing rainwater harvesting and sanitation facilities, capacity and infrastructure, whilst ensuring best basic hygiene & sanitation practices.

Limited natural water catchment, unpredictable rainfall & dry spells mean villages rely on a number of different water sources- seasonal wells, boreholes & rainwater. During periods of drought, the Fiji government has been required to send water to the islands via barge after wells and water tanks run dry. Similarly, access to sanitation is often limited, particularly in rural regions, leading to outbreaks of communicable diseases such as typhoid.

Rainwater collection is a safe & reliable way to source drinking water. Without sufficient collection capacity, long-term water management plans, system upkeep, filtration & a system of water reserves, villages become particularly vulnerable to severe dry spells. Funding Rainwater Harvesting Systems & awareness programs and better sanitation & hygiene will be reinforced with workshops, education & investing in infrastructure.

Since 2011, we’ve dramatically increase the overall water storage capacity in many villages across several districts in Fiji, currently focused on Moturiki Island in the Lomaiviti Group. There are still many villages that need new systems & water infrastructure improvements to ensure enough water is available for daily life. This project continues to increase access to safe water sources, improve knowledge & management thereof.

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