Rehabilitation for Disabled Children in India

Our local school in India is working hard to assist children with physical disabilities by providing Physiotherapy sessions to increase muscle function and mobility. By providing training to the PT workers and allowing opportunities for others to study and train, we will also fund equipment and resources to allow the classes to be as effective as possible. A disability can seriously impact one’s life which is why no child should lack access to proper therapy which is why this project is so important.

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With this project, we aim to provide the teachers at a school in India with Physiotherapy equipment, PT assistant/aide training, as well as Emergency First Aid training. Children with physical disabilities can experience one or more of the following, each of which can be addressed with PT: muscle atrophy/tightening, loss in joint range of motion, muscle spasticity, pain in muscles and joints, joint inflammation and contractures (muscle rigidity).

The local School is not currently equipped or staffed to provide Physiotherapy and does not have the funding or resources to tackle this issue, so this project aims to equip the school with PT equipment, PT assistance/aide training as well as Emergency First Aid training. This will allow full capacity of rehabilitation with the goal to maximize functional control of the body or increase the gross motor function of the children.

Children with physical disabilities can experience mobility, function, posture & balance challenges & PT is critical to increasing their mobility and independence. PT empowers the children physically & emotionally & sets the stage for entering adulthood as an independent individual. Additionally, a successful PT program allows a parent to see their child using their body to the best of his or her ability, and potentially, living independently.

In addition to capacity building of the staff through training and providing awareness and education to individuals, improved quality of care at the school will help prevent further physical deterioration of the children and by funding equipment, we can create a lasting impact as this could increase the capacity that the school can handle for therapy and allow them to continue the work for years to come. PT will give these children a new lease in life and the best chance for taking control of their lives.

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