Helping Children with Cancer Across the UK

It can be quite sad to learn that a loved one has childhood cancer, and the treatment is frequently lengthy and expensive, taking the kids out of their regular lives. In collaboration with our friends in the UK, we are raising money to let these kids and their families escape the trying circumstances they are in and spend quality time together, far enough from the doctors and treatment to still be close to a hospital if necessary.

To provide children with cancer and their family who are rushed for immediate cancer treatment with a We Have Your Back Pack ensuring they have all they need during their stay in hospital and ensuring they are supported through this tough time to have as normal as possible life.

Cancer and the treatment can be very draining, long and expensive especially as it is not something people are prepared for and often this leaves families feeling very stressed and not able to enjoy their time with their loved ones. Another challenge for the children going through treatment is that one of the main side effects is a low immune system and this often makes the idea of a holiday seem impossible to the children and their parents as they need regular assistance and care.

Our partners in the UK have 3-holiday homes that are available for families with children undergoing cancer treatment to go to for a getaway and opportunity to spend quality time together in the most stress-free environment possible. There are opportunities to visit the animals, walk in nature or just relax at the home. These holidays are at absolutely no cost to the families and the funds raised go towards the upkeep, refurbishment, holidays costs and spending money for the families.

The long-term impact of these holidays and the lodges will be providing families with an opportunity to relax and bond as a family, there have been incredible reviews from families who have stayed there and the number of people benefiting will continue to increase as we hope to acquire fourth home to accommodate more individuals. At the moment we are helping 60 families a year, per cabin, which already totals 1800 families over the course of our leases.

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