Emergency Appeal: COVID-19 Time to Rebuild

This is an urgent appeal to support those in critical need due to the global pandemic, COVID-19. GVI Trust is experiencing high demand on resources for all our projects and this appeal is to help raise this support for them. Together we are supporting a number of projects around the world that are tackling support for domestic abuse victims, homeless support, food and essential medical supplies for communities that do not have access to ensuring we save our UK charities. It is a critical time for us all and we are in this together so please help us help others in critical need right now!

We are faced with uncertain times and everyone on earth is being affected by the COVID-19 virus spread. As most of us are taking the advice and precautions from governments not everyone on earth has access to the essential information, resources and support needed to fight this virus. We are working around the clock to support all 65 projects but the need is huge and we need everyone to unite so we can ensure everyone has access to the emergency care, resources and support to survive. We are funding resources to our women empowerment project to help produce masks, offering support for food parcels and emergency relief of food to those in need, helping to increase capacity in homeless shelters and safe houses to ensuring the charities stay afloat during this time. We also plan to raise enough funds to run multiple rebuilding projects post COVD-19 that we feel will be focused around re-skilling community members and supporting small businesses that fall outside government support that need assistance to rebuild.

2020 and a new virus has brought the world to stop and change the way of living to try and protect ourselves from an epidemic. While many people are able to work from home and change their lifestyles to help prevent this virus many people living under the poverty line are unaware and not equipped to tackle this virus. The virus has impacted everyone financially but some people more than most are in desperate need and we call for everyone to unite and support each other

Our team is working remotely and are available around the clock to ensure all our projects are doing everything we can to support the local communities. Working with each project we will assess and provide the projects with the critical resources to tackle the virus and put in measures for the project to survive longer term. Funding from this project will directly fund the emergency resources needed now and go on longer term to help everyone rebuild.

We know this is not a ‘once off’ virus and that the virus not only is here to stay long term but the impact longer term on our projects are at risk. Currently using all reserves to survive the lock down our project aim is to ensure that we support all projects to be able to resume and continue their work longer term. Check out updates on our blog page

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All donations and gift aid (if applicable) will go to the project you have chosen. We thank you for your support