Up-Skilling the Community Through Textiles

New Skill Training for the local community to re-train and provide an alternative source of funding for their families.

Weaving classes for local men and women to help provide a sustainable business model for local people.

Tourism in Peru has grown from 1.4 million in2004 to over 4 million today. With most of the locals still living in rural Peru and working in Agriculture they have very little opportunity to move to other areas due to tourism increasing the cost of living. Without the financial support local community members are unable to progress or access employment in the tourism trade to increase the local economy.

Providing lessons, materials and support to local community members to re-train and empower other unemployed locals to learn new skills that will help them access their own employment through making and selling locally sourced items.

This project will train a large number of community members and longer term we plan to work with the community members to offer this training service through community member to community member.

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