Ludoteca Painting Project.

A new environment for Save the Children, Mexico

Recently a team of enthusiastic GVI Mexico volunteers and staff scrubbed walls, picked up paint brushes and painted the peeling walls of the Ludoteca project. We supported Save the Children Mexico to improve the learning environment of the classrooms to ensure that students and staff felt a sense of belonging. We used handprints of everyone involved to adorn the walls which became symbols of the learning community.

Students were fascinated with the entire process and loved joining in on the fun of painting and we all ended up sweaty, paint splattered and yet more cohesive as a group that are all striving to make a difference in each and every way possible.

GVI staff and volunteers bonded with Save the Children – Ludoteca children and staff, chatting away (in Spanish and English) as we turned the mouldy, peeling and dirty whitish walls into pristine white, purple strip and handprint ‘designer’ walls.

GVI staff and volunteers left the walls and the people of Ludoteca – Save the Children Mexico project brighter. Perhaps with a few paint splashes on clothing, though that’s all part of the fun, right?

Thank you for your donations, which bought all of the paint and the painting supplies for this project!

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