A gift to parents in India

The Global Day of Parents is an opportunity for us to celebrate and appreciate our selfless and heroic parents. It is a learning experience to see how much parents would sacrifice to provide and build a better future for their children.

Maternity Leave

Society is often misguided, thinking that the benefits and living standards in developed countries are far higher and of better quality than that of developing countries. Although this might be true in most cases, maternity leave seems to be lacking globally.

Developed countries

In Sweden, a developed country, the government supports families with financial strain by providing 480 days of paid maternity leave. When comparing the leave days to the US, a developed country, there was no sugar coating in reading that the US is the only developed country that doesn’t guarantee maternity leave.

So, if a developed country does not guarantee maternity leave, what can we expect from developing countries?

Gender Equality

Globally we are progressing toward gender equality,  more than ever, but unfortunately, this is not the case in India. With a rapidly growing economy, the decrease from 34% to 27%  in female labor force participation has left us speechless. 
A country with preferences for sons and growing upward trend in crime against women, it is time for us to make a difference. Education is such a powerful tool, and with your help, we can show our appreciation for parents, mothers, and future generations by providing education for all.

Increasing employment opportunities

Free education doesn’t necessarily mean quality education. We are moving in the right direction by providing free education. Unfortunately, students are dropping out or failing. This leaves us with the question. Are the students failing or are we failing the youth?

Through education we can make a difference and build a better tomorrow.

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