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With 15 villages and a population of 2400 community members we aim to provide preventative health workshops, improve healthcare and to increase the knowledge and understanding of health issues within the area.

The Nursing Stations in Fiji are health centres for local community members, some provide service to over 3000 community members. Working with the local community we aim to provide preventive health workshops, to fund local development projects that will provide support, resources & improve the healthcare for locals. Developing training material that can be used by local community health workers to increase the knowledge & understanding of health issues within the area.

Acquiring resources that can be easily accessed by the community health workers, resources that can withstand rural community living is a big concern of ours. We also ensure that our workshops are interactive and contain material relating to the topic so that the students can get the most from their classes. These workshops will be hosted by community health workers to promote health and well being within the community.

Currently, we are creating a series of workshops on preventative health. The ministry of Health in Fiji is aiming for their Community Health Workers to prevent disease rather than cure it. The Workshop being created to increase the knowledge and understanding of health issues within the area helping to keep the communities healthy.

A WaSH workshop was created that targeted not only Water, Sanitation & Hygiene but also ways to prevent the common diseases in Fiji (such as Dengue Fever & Leptospirosis) from spreading by following the WaSH principle. The workshops run for approximately one to one & half hours & can be run either individually or in conjunction with other workshops like the Waste Management packages.

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