Sponsor a Child To Attend School in Cambodia

Cambodia’s education system structure looks good from the outside, but in practice, the system is overwhelmed by many challenges, such as an acute shortage of teachers that are qualified and a serious lack of basic and suitable teaching resources and materials. Due to funding, a teacher’s salary is very low in Cambodia, creating poor morale levels and a non-attractive career path for teachers. We identify teachers that are passionate about shaping young minds and sponsoring a child in one of our schools, allowing the school to take control of its budget to increase resources and morale.

Students in Cambodia can either learn English at private schools, which are expensive, or in their state school, which is very limited and often poor quality. Working with our community members and from generously donated gifts from our supporters, we aim to fund scholarships for aspiring students and to enhance the current state of education, we provide free of charge additional English Lessons to the students of our community.

It is often very difficult to access free education, especially in English in Asia, meaning many people show potential but are from poor backgrounds and are unable to break the cycle. Consequently, there are many members of the community that receive no education in English and sometimes no education at all. If we can provide classes to these children and their families, we can make a difference to more members of the community than we currently are.

Working with passionate and highly driven community members, we will provide the framework and support for them to provide open classes to all members of the community. Providing a sustainable long-term project that will allow additional income to support free schooling within the community. By educating more community members in English, we will break down the elite barriers and make English more available, allowing for growth through tourism for people that previously would never access it.

Long term we will ensure that education is increased, including English, to ensure people from poor families can break down previous barriers and longer term, share their skills and education with future generations. By providing access to education, especially in English, at an early age, we hope to empower young children to broaden their horizons and increase their employment opportunities. This will create sustainable communities and break the cycle of poverty.

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