Skating into Africa

Creating spaces for children to learn how to skateboard while being able to take part in educational workshops

Zimbabwe is lacking community spaces for children and youth to meet and discuss issues which they are facing on a day-to-day basis. By contributing to a skateboard ramp in the cyclone affected area, children will not only be able to learn how to skateboard and have a safe space, but also be able to participate in educational workshops focusing on topics such as gendered violence, HIV/AIDS and environmental issues.

With cyclone Idai, a natural disaster which hit Zimbabwe in 2019, entire communities were wiped off the map. With families losing everything, the few recreational centers which previously existed were left to ruins. Whilst endless efforts went into rebuilding clinics and schools the opportunity there is still a gap in spaces where children can gather and be just kids. These spaces essential to keep children occupied, to remain healthy and be surrounded by adults and mentors to talk to

Together with local NGOs, GVI Trust aims to bring the skateboarding culture to Zimbabwe. By building a local skate ramp in the cyclone affected area, children will have the opportunity to escape to a safe space, whilst learning how to skate for free. Skating is a great way to get children together, active and participating. This engagement provides a platform to run educational workshops which focus on issues facing today’s youth in Zimbabwe in exchange for free lessons.

Skateboarding will serve as the platform to get children and youth to attend educational workshops focusing on children’s rights, environmental sustainability and gender equality. By empowering today’s children and youth provides the awareness needed for the generation which is to bring and demand change to their own community. This project simply needs the starting capital for the initiative as the ongoing cost is to be covered by local organisations and government.

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