Rural Healthcare for 5000 people in Coastal Kenya

Fully funded

With little funding, support and resources, rural healthcare initiatives in the coastal region of Kenya struggle to provide basic support and services to the communities. This project is pushing to improve health facilities through the provision of resources and equipment as requested by the public health authorities in the area as well as the construction and maintenance of new sanitation and fresh water systems.

The public health office is responsible for medical care of 5000 local residents. With the nearest large hospital an hour and a half away, the public health office is the first port of call for patients; treating anything from minor injuries to long term illnesses, with on average of 600 patients a month. Without adequate funding or medical equipment the public health office struggles to meet these patient’s needs.

Sanitation and hygiene is an issue affecting the communities and environment on the Kenyan Coast. We aim to support the community development role that the public health office takes on in helping with the construction of sanitation facilities and fresh water harvesting systems. Funds will help to supply much needed equipment and help to improve facilities through constructing and maintaining sanitation and health facilities

The central aim is to create usable sanitation and water harvesting systems in order to benefit the health of local communities in the long term. Through the provision of equipment, resources and the maintenance and construction of additional healthcare facilities we aim to improve the level of care that can be provided for years to come.

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