David Green: Join the Birthday Fundraiser for a Brighter Future

David Green’s fundraising initiative seeks to garner resources for the Bhongolethu Foundation in South Africa. The objective is to enhance access to quality education for children at their school in an underprivileged township, ensuring they receive optimal early-stage education. The aim is to double the impact and foster the school’s growth and sustainability.

Addressing South Africa’s notable education inequality, the Bhongolethu Foundation project aims to elevate education quality and accessibility from an early age. The initiative will deliver foundation-phase and primary education, along with crucial educational resources, to children in the surrounding community, thus improving adult literacy rates and positively impacting the economy.

Dear Friends & Family

Greetings from sunny Cape Town! I’m about to hit a big birthday! I know what you’re thinking….I look incredibly younger than I did in my past life….😊

As many of you know, I have supported a school in India (with many others) for the past 20 years which is now flourishing and well-funded.

To celebrate my birthday, I wanted us to give a helping hand to kids that need our help. I’ve discovered an amazing charity here in South Africa called Bhongolethu Foundation with a school in a township with 170 children and growing. They really could do with some extra money to help the school survive and flourish.

I thought it would be amazing if you feel like celebrating my birthday with me, by making a absolutely fabulous donation (as long as you can eat next week of course) to help these fabulous kids.

Whatever you give I will match it! All amounts gratefully received.

If you’re in the UK please tick the gift aid box so the charity can reclaim the tax you paid. If you are in the USA see link for tax deduction.

Lots of love

This effort will fuel significant impact by granting children at the Bhongolethu Foundation’s school access to quality education and enhancing learning resources. This solid educational foundation will enable the children to progress without missing vital early learning, thereby reducing their potential struggles in higher education – truly a transformational impact on their lives.

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