Kitchen Garden Program at Navunisea Primary School

School students receive a nutritional meal at lunch time additionally educating the mothers club who plant, nurture, fertilise and maintain the vegetable pot

To implement a school canteen programme to ensure that the students receive an nutritional meal at lunch time plus to educate and capacity train the mothers club who are responsible for all lunch time meals on school days on nurturing seeds, planting sustainable, fertilizing, and maintaining the vegetable plot.

To equip the canteen with cooking equipment to help produce a healthy and well balanced lunchtime meal. (All equipment was destroyed lost in cyclone 2016). Growing a selection of vegetable that will add extra nutrients to the lunchtime menu and help to keep the costs low.

Creating and teaching the mothers club to run an efficient and cost effective school canteen in line with the government guidelines of 2013.

In homes where students do not have access to healthy foods, schools should be a place where students can count on eating healthfully. Eating habits are established early, and eating healthfully is a life skill. But it’s not just about avoiding heart disease and type 2 diabetes in the future; it’s about ensuring that children are healthy now. Healthy food equals better health, better grades, and better behaviour.

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