Emergency Relief for Guatemala after Agatha


Many lives have been ruined by Tropical Storm Agatha, help Guatemalans pick up the pieces. We will provide emergency food supplies amid rising prices and help rebuild homes and communities.

Tropical Storm Agatha dropped three feet of rain in less than 24 hours, dis-guarded houses and belongings with winds of up to 45mph. It devastated Guatemala and has left it picking up the pieces. It has so far killed 146 people, left 52 people missing, 54 people injured and 94,000 evacuated from their homes. And the death toll is rising. Guatemala is in a state of emergency. The most effected regions are Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, and Chimaltenango.

The situation is very sad but we have been been here before and helped after Hurricane Stan and Hurricane Mitch, and will help after Agatha. We will use donations to provide food and support to communities and help rebuild their lives.

With long standing relationships in the indigenous communities we will continue to provide support particularly focusing on helping indigenous children realize their right to an education.

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