Education for rural Amazon communities

Fully Funded

Education and conservation go hand in hand. By improving education opportunities for rural communities, we offer a chance for Amazonian people to develop alternatives for their own sustainable future, and the protection of their land.

Most Amazon inhabitants have extremely limited education, generally only to elementary or middle school level. Schools are often lacking in supplies and teachers. Living conditions for teachers are rustic, and make attracting and keeping dedicated teachers very difficult. Materials and supplies beyond basic texts are generally non-existent. For bilingual indigenous schools, texts and materials are rarely available in their native language.

We are committed to increasing access to, and quality of, education in rural Amazon regions. We will support schools by providing classroom & structural supplies which are lacking with an emphasis on environmental education which is key to life in the Amazon; awarding high school scholarships; and supporting educational projects & workshops.

By increasing education access and quality locally, we hope to provide Amazon students with the skills to achieve a sustainable future for their communities. Environmental education will help them to understand the value of the forest & the threats to it, and access to high school opens the door to further education, with the ability to support & strengthen their own communities in the future.

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