UK Scholars Travel to Thailand.

The GVI Trust’s International Scholarship Programme helps young people access International Education Experiences with the aim of creating more aware, informed and empowered global citizens. We’d like to introduce you to some of the students who embarked on a 10 day trip to Southern Thailand on a conservation trip.

Meet Rachel

Before travelling to Thailand, Rachel was already an active volunteer. She volunteers at a local veterinary practice in the UK. She loves her volunteering role and was really excited about conservation volunteering in Thailand, especially with the sea turtles. Rachel is also an active fundraiser and before the trip had just finished raising money for a defibrillator for her primary school. She is currently on Level 3 BTEC Child Care at school.

What skills have you improved or gained during your time in Thailand

I have a much better understanding of my own circumstances and have learnt I mustn’t take things for granted as I have seen the circumstances that others face. I have also learnt patience and improved my confidence and willingness to try new things.

How will your experience help you back home?

I will try harder to live a more sustainable life. For example, not using straws as I now know the impact that they have on marine life. I will take my life less for granted as I have seen how other people live. Also, I want to travel and help people a lot more!

What is the main thing you learnt on the trip?

The world needs us and we need to live sustainably and look after our world in order to protect everything and everyone for the future. I also learnt the confidence to try new things and not be afraid to want to help people.

I will continue to fundraise money so that I can help others.

Trip Highlights?

Working with the turtles! Learning about the Thai culture and seeing how happy and joyful and friendly all of the locals are. I loved seeing the natural beautiful scenery and experiencing Thai cooking. I really loved working in the school with the children.

We wish Rachel all the best as she finishes her studies!

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