Relief Arrives to Rural Nepal

On Saturday 4th July 2015 we loaded up a very large truck full of relief supplies for 100 families from  Mahadeveshi, Dhading.  GVI staff member Lok accompanied a team ofHimalayan Encounters staff to oversee the distribution of the goods.

We researched along with our partners at Himalayan Encounters, which villages were still waiting for relief and found that Mahadeveshi was still lacking basic supplies. After a busy day, collecting and sorting materials, equipment and supplies, we had finally loaded the trucks up with all the supplies. This has been our largest relief donation to a village and the consisted of:

  • 10 sheets of tin per family
  • 2 iron poles with hooks and nails
  • Rice, Daal and soya beans
  • Salt and beaten rice
  • Water filters and
  • Sanitary items

It was a huge challenge getting all of these supplies packed and sorted for 100 families and the truck was very heavy with the weight of all the tin and iron poles. Not to mention the 3,000kg of rice!

All of the families affected have a very low income and have lost their houses, farmlands and livestock.  Monsoon season is well underway and the families desperately need to fix and build shelter to maintain their health and hygiene during this time. The whole community relies on income from digging and packing sand. This has become impossible to continue after the earthquakes and the village has unfortunately largely been ignored in relief efforts to date.

The aid was gratefully received by the villagers and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible – the amazing fundraising efforts and, of course, our team on the ground who deliver the aid. We would also like to thank a past GVI volunteer who sent out water filters for the village.

The Nepali government is still overwhelmed and the relief is ongoing. The scale of the destruction is enormous and there is nobody who has been left unaffected. Your support is essential to help Nepal get back on its feet and we are still gathering donations. You can make a donation via Global Giving or Just Giving or a direct debit into the Charitable Trust’s bank account.

Thank you for your generous and ongoing support.

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