Rebuilding NDS Library in Fiji

Navunisea District School (NDS) is located in Dawasamu District of Tailevu Province. In February of 2016, Dawasamu District was devastated by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston. Village’s bore the full brunt of the Cyclone’s winds and were also exposed to destructive sea surges. NDS was extremely damaged by the cyclone, the school’s library, kindergarten and one main classroom were completely lost in the disaster with the majority of remaining classrooms were also severely damaged.

The library at NDS has been rebuilt with the funds provided by The GVI Trust.

The building will eventually safely house the school’s reading books as well as providing a place for GVI volunteers to teach small group literacy and phonics lessons.  There is also a large, covered veranda area allowing for extra lessons to take place at the same time.

The NDS Library!

At the moment, NDS is being rebuilt by the government to repair the damage caused by Cyclone Winston.  The completed library is currently housing Class 8 as they approach the end of the school year and their vitally important end of primary school examinations.  They are the only class in the school that have a fit-for-purpose classroom, which GVI hope will help them to get through their examinations with as little disruption as possible. In this manner, the library has been able to offer a much-needed learning space to the 178 students the school serves.  Additionally, in the long term, it will support the school as it transitions to a level 5E school, providing NDS with the additional classrooms needed by the school to utilise additional teaching staff in removing composite classes within the school.

£7900 was used to rebuild the library.

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