Quarter 2 Support at Ikhayalethemba.

The funds this quarter has been used for the following:

–  Paying the wages for 5 local staff members. There are 2 care takers, 2 security guards and 1 gardener. All of these staff are a must so that consistent care and safety is provided for the children 24/7.
– Nappies for the 5 children with special needs.
– Repairs to the sanctuary’s washing machine. An essential appliance to ensure that health and hygiene standards are always met.
– Repairs to gutters and connecting them to the water tanks. South Africa is in a sever drought at the moment and being able to capture and store the winter rains is essential so that we can survive in the dry summer.

An Update on the Registration

We have discovered that the property did not meet the standard for re-zoning and Ikhayalethemba was informed that a renovation was necessary prior to paying the registration fee.Whilst Ikhayalethemba has still not been able to finalise the re-zoning we are getting one step closer to achieving our long-term goal whilst we wait for official plans to be drawn up.

The sanctuary now has three months to do all the necessary renovations of the property to be able to meet the re-zoning requirements and eventually be able to get registered. The managers of the Sanctuary are currently busy finding a planner to be able to identify what needs to be renovated prior to requesting quotes for the repairs.

ZAR 30 800 was used for salary support
ZAR 3790 was used for nappies
ZAR 2270 was used for guttering
ZAR 3977 was used to repair the washing machine
ZAR 29 300 has bee alloctd for the registration

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