Our Sustainable Vegetable Garden in Africa

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a blueprint for us to work together to eliminate all global issues by 2030 and we are already falling behind. In South Africa our local township school through local partners and your donations opened the first community garden in December 2020 and today the children joined the first harvest only 3 months after planting!

The Harvest

Today we joined local experts, teachers and the students from Grade 4 to help with the first harvest from our veggie garden in the school. With donations from our supporters we joined forces with local organisations and charities to fund and build a large sustainable veggie garden at a local township school. 3 Months later the garden is booming and we returned to watch the students learn about the garden and help harvest the first batch which was then used for their school dinner.

Sustainable Food Source

Our township school currently has 120 students and grows each year as we add another grade. In the heart of a township these families seriously struggle day to day and therefore by offering a school dinner to each student daily can often be the only food for them that day. Before the garden the monthly food shop cost the school around $1,200 to feed all 120 students every day. With the new garden we have already seen this decrease to $900 and we hope it will go down further as the garden begins to grow.

Feed the Brain

We understand how important education is to helping fight break the cycle of poverty and scientific evidence shows that a brain is more open to learning when it is fuelled with a full stomach. Thank you to everyone that donated to this project and made this possible. The fight doesn’t stop here and our fundraising for the next school garden has begun and we welcome you to get involved by fundraising or donating to us so we can start the next sustainable garden.

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