New Rainwater Tanks for Fiji

Why was this such an issue?

Previously, water was being run directly from the dam, this caused issues with the water pressure causing pipes to frequently burst. When this occurred the school was left without water, legally forcing it to send students home and close the school until a water source was regained. Not only did this severely disrupt the education of the students, it meant male teachers spent a large portion of their time having to travel to the dam to try and mend piping, taking time away from their classroom lessons.

Continuous, consistent education is crucial to the student’s of Navunisea to ensure they are able to stay engaged in learning and progress to secondary education. In the wake of Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston, this is important now more than ever.  Organisations such as UNICEF and Save the Children have highlighted how regaining a normal life and having a stable routine at school is crucial to the recovery of the children at this traumatic time. The trauma experienced by students of Navunisea District School during Cyclone Winston was extreme, it is therefore highly important school is kept as consistent as possible and maintained as a safe environment.

The additional water tanks should provide the necessary break in pressure to stop water pipes bursting, furthermore, they will act as a holding space for water, creating a stock supply to allow the school to stay open if future faults apply in the piping. This measure will overall limit the times the school is unable to be open and improve the consistency and education received by all students of Navunisea District School.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time.

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