How does Performing Arts tackle the United Nations SDGs?

The SDGs

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals as a universal call to end poverty and protect the planet. These 17 goals highlight the actions that need to be taken to ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

These goals range from tackling climate change and protecting life on land and water to ensuring gender equality and no poverty. All of this is made achievable by bringing together the creativity, know-how, technology, and financial resources from all of society.

It is essential that in order to meet these goals, projects should work with communities to leave a lasting and sustainable impact that lasts well beyond when a project comes to an end. All of our projects here at Action Change are working towards these SDGs, through education, conservation projects, empowering women and much more.

One, slightly less obvious way that we can tackle these SDGs is through performing arts! Promoting theatre and performance for children works towards at least three of these SDGs; tackling gender equality, providing quality education and leading to a sustainable source of income in the community.

Quality Education

Education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development.

Firstly, of course, to provide a quality education it is essential that the core subjects are a focus. However, this should not be where it stops. Giving children a creative outlet is also so important. The creative arts industry has huge potential for those amazing children who can go all the way, but also for others starting out that may eventually go down another path. These creative sessions can transform children! They give them more confidence, improve listening skills, empathy and improves their problem-solving skills. All key skills to help improve their education and are also key skills all employers look for!

Decent Work and Economic Growth

So much more goes into performing arts than just what is produced and we can see. As an industry the number of creative and practical jobs it provides are endless. To work towards building theatres in communities will support the UN goal of decent work and economic growth. Not only would a theatre create a huge buzz within the local community, and bring joy to those children involved, it would also create a new source of income and jobs for the community!

Gender Equality

Finally, the UN states that ending all discrimination against women and girls is not only a basic human right but also crucial for a sustainable future. By empowering women, we not only help individuals to live more fulfilling lives but also help economic growth and development. Performing arts is one of the wonderful ways to do this! To give girls a safe space to have a voice on stage and gain crucial confidence to take with them into life is so important.

Our latest project!

Our latest project in South Africa is doing just that! They help children unlock their creative potential with playwriting, dance, performance and much more! They not only do this amazing work with the youth, but they also have a long term sustainable plan to build a large shack theatre in the heart of the community to engage everyone. Here they will charge a small entry fee to shows and performances allowing the project to be self-sustaining in the future!

South African townships live day to day, hand to mouth and so many opportunities are too far out of reach for them. We want to change this! The only way to change this is to give them the opportunities to break this poverty and limited cycle they face from birth.  

Keep an eye on this project on our social media, and if you can, help this project grow by gifting a small donation today!

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