Heroes on Wheels!

The most important aspect of anti-poaching is an active and effective presence. To this end, recent funds raised have gone towards ensuring that the anti-poaching team on Karongwe can carry out missions across the reserve whether it is patrols, responding to suspicious activity or ambushes.

Anti Poaching Fleet

With poaching incidences on the rise and individuals recently lost on neighbouring reserves, it is essential that our anti-poaching team have access to all resources necessary to complete their responsibilities as best they can. Their most valuable asset being mobility around the reserve. Daily patrols may require multiple vehicles depending on the nature of the day.

The team currently depend on a Land Cruiser and two quad bikes, all previously purchased using your donations, to enable regular movement around the reserve. These vehicles are at the heart of anti-poaching efforts here on Karongwe and without them, response time to suspicious activity is lengthened and fence breaks are not attended to promptly – leaving easy access with potentially horrific consequences.

Ensuring that these vehicles are in working condition is one of our top priorities. The Land Cruiser allows for a small team to transport and navigate the roads of the reserve, as well as the roads outside the property. This vehicle is used for carrying a team for patrols, responses and planned ambushes. In addition to the Cruiser, individuals also use quad bikes to move around more cost effectively, carrying out tasks that only require one person, such as fenceline checks. A variety of vehicles means that increased eyes can keep a vigilant watch over the animals within the reserve, their main focus, of course, our threatened rhinos.

Update on the vehicles

During July funds were allocated towards general repairs and maintenance of all three vehicles. The Land Cruiser has recently been out of action due to mechanical issues. Thanks to donations these have been identified and rectified. The quad bikes have proven to be very effective and have become an invaluable part of the fleet, so recent donations were also used to for general services and new tyres. These routine but essential repairs ensure that the whole anti-poaching team is kept active.

Your ongoing support has helped create and expand the vigilant anti-poaching network on Karongwe.

Thank you for your thoughtful and generous donations.

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