Help Us Build a School in Kenya

Pre COVID-19 we know that more than 85% of children in sub-Saharan Africa are not learning the minimum and now with the emergency lockdowns to help limit the spread of COVID has seen education hit even harder.  The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 4 is Quality Education and as we start to rebuild post COVID-19 we are committed not to leaving anyone behind and that is why we are on a mission to build a new sustainable school in Kenya?

Why are we building a school in Kenya?

Our current school is located in the heart of the slums in Mombasa and currently has 280 primary school children attending the school. The school is too small and the buildings are rented making it challenging for the school to raise enough money each month just to pay the rent before worrying about any other costs.

The head teacher, Brian, is a very passionate and driven individual that is working with Action Change and a number of alumni volunteers to help build a new school fit for purpose and that has a long term sustainable future and we invite you to be apart of it.

When are we building a school in Kenya?

We are actively fundraising and asking for pledges, corporate donations fundraisers and small donations throughout 2021 and we hope to raise £280,000 so we can start building the school in January 2022. Please help us reach our target!

How will it be a Sustainable School?

Currently it costs around £800 a month for the school rental and government fees and by buying the land and building a purpose built school that will have enough space for all the children in the community we will remove this monthly cost for the school.

Every student is provided a school meal daily as often this is the only meal these children get and without food the brain can’t function so this is a very important part of this project. Currently is costs around £1,200 a month to feed 280 students daly for the month, in the current school they have no space but in the new school we will install a community veggie garden and chicken farm that will help provide a sustainable food source for the school and removing a large shopping bill.

Next we will be purchasing 10-12 Honda bikes and a few Tuk-tuk and these will be rented out daily to local and neighbouring communities as an income generation project for the school. All profits from this project will be. used to help fund staff salaries and school resources.

Want to help us build a school in Kenya?

We are appealing to you and your network of friends and family. Help us by becoming a fundraiser, donor or advocate for our appeal. We need to raise £280,000 in the next 9 months and every penny counts. Please help us and donate today. Together we can crowdfund and build a school.

Message from the headteacher…

“I’m just lost for words, thank you so so much, Action Change! I am sure everyone here at the school and all involved are excited for our support in building us a new school and helping us remove some of these costs that we often struggle to cover. Thank you”

Brian, Headteacher.

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