GVI Fundraisers Make a Difference!

With the months whizzing by, we have had a whirlwind of a time- it has been busy both here in the office and out in the field. Today we’d like to share with you some of the fundraisers we have done and the projects that we have been able to assist as a result!

Our #GVIFundraisers are integral to our mission, they raise awareness and raise valuable funds for the projects.

48 Hour Jungle Sleepout

Every year in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the GVI staff and volunteers head out into the jungle with the bare minimum to test out their survival skills as a challenge to raise money for the 3 elephants that are supported by donations. This year was no different. Everyone headed out of the base and into the jungle! While out there, they are expected to make their own food using what they can find in the jungle and sleep with the bare essentials. They also have the chance to participate in medicinal plant identification, night fishing, star gazing and a chance to watch our elephants during the evening – a rare opportunity!

This year, a total of £2135 was raised! Each year we need a total of £10900 to cover the costs of keeping Lulu, SahJah and Khum Suk in the forest.

GVI Chiang Mai 1

The Great Momo Challenge

Over in Nepal, the team decided to challenge themselves to make 500 momos in 1 hour in an effort to raise money for our partner, SASANE. SASANE is an organisation which aims to address the issue of human trafficking, particularly in Nepal. We wanted to help contribute to their School Awareness Programme. The aim of the programme is to empower and educate people so that they understand what human trafficking is, what human rights are and what tools they have at their disposal.

You might be asking, why momos? Well SASANE runs a programme called Sisterhood of Survivors which empowers women and girls who are survivors of trafficking to run momo cooking classes! The team was able to, with local knowledge and expertise, complete the challenge and 500 momos were made!

We also raised a total of £720 to contribute to the School Awareness Programme.

Q2 Project Updates. 2017. Nepal Community (2)

Help Our Cheetahs Prosper 

In the bush in South Africa, the team is raising money for tracking devices for the reserves cheetahs! Did you know that cheetahs are the most endangered big cat in South Africa? The new tracking devices will help us monitor and collect vital research in association with the EWT, Endangered Wildlife Trust, to contribute to the conservation of these amazing cats!

This fundraiser is ongoing- as we reach fundraising targets, the team is required to complete another challenge! All of the challenges are related to cheetah behaviour. So far we’ve raised just over £700 and if you’d like to see what the team is up to and get involved, check their Facebook Page!

Limpopo. South Africa. Cheetah

Thanks to everyone for your amazing support during the first quarter!

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