EFR Instructors Get Certified In Mexico!

We have been partnered with the local branch of Save The Children (STC) here in Playa del Carmen for many years now. Over the last 2 years, we have been offering the STC staff Emergency First Responder (EFR) training for Children. Due to the daily interaction with children, it is of utmost importance that the staff are equipped to handle any emergency that may arise. This certification is specialised in providing care for ill and injured children.

A few months ago, when new staff were appointed at the Ludoteca and needed training, we were approached by existing staff members who expressed an interest in being able to provide the training themselves. This is an excellent idea as it allows STC staff to become registered EFR Instructors and therefore puts the power in their hands. They are now able to hold more regular training sessions with their team, offer training to other schools and to the parents of the children.

On 19 May, Guzman and Zac-nicte, joined our team in Mexico and successfully completed their EFR Instructor training.

Benefits of this training include,

–  Helping local staff to empower themselves

– Multiples the number of people who can train other Emergency First Responders in the area.

– Strengthens the partnership between GVI and Save The Children

– Protects more children

A total of £260 was donated to cover the application fees for 2 EFR Instructor Courses

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