COVID-19: Unsung Hero in South Africa

Meet Tyler, Director and teacher at Bhongulethu Foundation, South Africa.

COVID-19 recently hit South Africa and with a high population of people living in overcrowded townships and high numbers of people living with HIV, AIDS and other serious health conditions this Country is in need of support from Unsung Heroes to help them survive the pandemic.

Tyler, runs a wonderful school to support children from foundation phase through to grade 3 in the local township not only does she supply an excellent education to these children but also provides them with a cooked meal each day. South African Government has been progressive in tackling the virus and immediately enforced a national lockdown level 5. This is for the safety of everyone and means that the children that usually attend Bhongulethu school are no longer at school and are therefore not receiving their daily meal any longer. Many of the families who attend the school have reached out to Tyler during the lockdown to say that they have no food and are afraid of starving as the lock down has now been extended. So Tyler has taken it upon herself and her extended network to pack food boxes for each family at the school so that the family has food for the duration of the lockdown!

Without people like Tyler these families that live on the poverty line or below are unable to work or access government supplies and therefore reply on Unsung Heroes like Tyler. The GVI Trust is partnered with this school and many others across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific and all are struggling. If you are in a position to help others we urge you to do so by donating to our main Emergency Appeal Project to ensure we can supply critical funding to not one but all 65 of our communities and projects.

We are in this together and thank you for your support!

If you are in the UK you can also donate £20 quickly and easily to our COVID Project over Text Message…

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