Community Development: Magapane Creche is Complete!

We are very proud to announce that April saw the completion of phase two at Magapane Creche! This means our journey with the creche and its lovely owners has come to an end.

Every paint pot, brick, bag of cement and all the other bits and pieces that made up the completed structure were purchased with donations. This project could not have been possible without your help. We cannot thank you enough!

During the first few months of 2017, Phase Two began to take shape. We continued to support the builder responsible for overseeing the project where we could. While he was busy constructing the second classroom, we were hard at work piecing together the remainder of the pangolin playground. It was incredible to see the reaction from the local children, who had spent hours watching us assemble the playground, run to it as soon as we put our tools down! The volunteers were filled with warm fuzzies seeing their hard work put smiles on the faces of so many excited kids.

About a month later, once the second classroom was ready, the volunteers came back to paint it. The walls have been covered with brightly coloured images of animals, days of the week and numbers. It was with those last brush strokes that our project was officially complete!

There were many volunteers, past and present, who worked tirelessly over the past 6 months to add to Magapane Creche. To all of you, the GVI family cannot thank you enough! It has been fantastic to see the positive impacts of our work already, with attendance of local children on the rise. You, as well as our generous donors, have helped to provide a safe, fun learning environment for children for generations to come.

Completion of this day care centre does not mean the end of the road for community development. We are currently searching for the next creche in need of resources, so we can empower their owners to create a successful business. We now have the uphill battle to raise enough funds to be able to start this next adventure and we need your help!

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support and for making this project possible!

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