Access to Education In Laos

Educational Sponsorships

21 Students have been sponsored for a full year of studies at the Mekong English Centre (MED) in Luang Prabang and Nam Thuam. Sponsorship of these students helps us work towards our goal of increasing students access to education in Laos.

All the students who were sponsored in this request are studying the English language either beginner or intermediate levels. Both MEC and Sunrise school have textbooks that the students work through. Both schools have local teachers leading the classrooms as the lead teachers and volunteers, including GVI at MEC, are teaching assistants to help with pronunciation, grammar and activities.

Construction at Ban Ma House

A portion of the donation has been donated to the continued construction at the Ban Ma house.

The Ban Ma house provides a home to students so that they can stay in Luang Prabang and access education. Their previous house, a 2-room bamboo hut for 12 people, got ruined during the rainy season last year. This meant that the students who Mr Bay and his family have taken in were at risk of having to return to their villages and discontinue their studies in Luang Prabang. Our contribution to the construction has meant that all the Ban Ma students have been able to continue their studies and finish their end of year exams at high school this year! It also means that Mr Bay can continue to safely take in more rural students to his house to increase their access to education in Luang Prabang in the future.

The house is currently still under construction but they have been able to move back in while construction is finished.

We also support the Ban Ma house by providing funds to contribute to their basic needs, especially food, while they are in Luang Prabang

Medical Support

A portion of the donation went to the medical assistance of a sponsored student on request of the donor. The student’s operation was a success and he is now back home recovering. He will be going back to university in a few months time where he is sponsored by The GVI Trust.

$1540 was contributed to 21 sponsorships at MEC

$63 was contributed to 2 sponsorships at Sunrise English Centre

$300 was contributed to Ban Ma construction

$310 was contributed to basic needs support for the Ban Ma students

$732 covered medical support of a student

A total of $2945 was donated

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