Fund Medical Resources for a Clinic in Cambodia

Healthcare is not a luxury but a basic essential need.Many people living in poverty means they can’t access any healthcare locally. Some will need to travel hours to a near hospital which is over capacity and they can’t afford the costs to travel there. This program is funding small rural clinics and outreach health practitioners to support rural communities in Laos, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Many people live in poverty across Asia and those in rural areas have very limited access to healthcare. Often they are expected to travel for several hours to an over subscribed hospital but most can’t even afford the transport costs to the hospital. This project is new and will start off with providing basic workshops within communities to help limit the spread of infections and as we fundraise we hope to be able to start building small community health centres in rural locations to provide more critical services that is needed within the communities.

A big issue is lack of resources and we aim to tackle this through providing outreach activities that will hopefully decrease the amount of infections spread due to lack of control. Allowing more ownership on health our project will free up resources and help build a robust clinic in much needed rural areas.

A WaSH workshop was created that targeted not only Water, Sanitation & Hygiene but also ways to prevent the common diseases in Asia from spreading by following the WaSH principle. The workshops run for approx. one to one & half hours & can be run either individually or in conjunction with other workshops this is just the start of our capacity but we are limited by funding as we are 100% funded by donations only.

Currently, we are creating a series of workshops on preventative health. The Ministry of Health in Fiji is aiming for their Community Health Workers to prevent disease rather than cure it, allowing for communities to become more sustainable and less prone to disease. The Workshop being created to increase the knowledge and understanding of health issues within the area helping to keep the communities healthy.

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