Provide Clean Drinking Water, Reduce Waste

Tourists are warned not to drink tap water in Mexico but what do locals drink? In Mexico 94% of surface water is contaminated but not everybody can afford to buy purified water.

The bottled water industry in Mexico is one of the largest in the world causing huge environmental concern as to the amount of waste plastic being produced. Along with discarded plastic bottles, the beaches of Mahahual, Mexico are littered with rubbish that has been washed up from all over the world.

We work with the people of Mahahual to obtain drinking water without purchasing plastic bottles. Inviting families to collect rubbish from beaches, those who collect the most are presented with a water filter to use in the their homes.

Each water filter system has the capability to clean 150,000 liters of water. By donating just a small amount this project will be able to provide enough families with a water filter to make a real difference to the amount of waste in the area.

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