Protect dogs from malnutrition and disease in Fiji

Project Completed

Dog overpopulation is a major issue in many villages and leads directly to malnutrition and the spread of disease amongst strays. By implementing a spay/neuter and education program, we hope to improve the lives of these animals.

The dogs in many of Fiji’s villages are severely malnourished and poorly treated. These issues are exacerbated by the overpopulation of strays and a lack of resources to manage the growing numbers of homeless animals. Dogs often become aggressive while suffering from hunger or disease, which can be extremely dangerous for local children. There is also an absence of animal welfare awareness amongst the villagers, which results in the severe abuse and neglect of both owned and stray dogs.

The implementation of a neutering program will reduce the number of litters of homeless puppies born per year, while a local outreach campaign will promote awareness about the importance of stray dog population control and proper animal care. We also hope to provide much needed new pens for local animal shelters.

A veterinarian will be funded to visit a target village twice a year to spay/neuter up to forty stray dogs, and raise awareness amongst the villagers with regards to proper animal care and the importance of overpopulation control. This will curb the population growth of strays, while instilling a new awareness about animal welfare into the villagers.

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