Educational Capacity Building in Fiji

Project Fully funded $5,000

We support two primary schools to improve English literacy & provide lessons to enhance creative & physical development. Volunteers deliver a range of sessions, including 1:1 support for children with additional learning needs, literacy groups, & composition workshops to engage students in the creative development of writing and language skills. The program works in partnership with local schools & builds the capacity of teachers & managers through professional development and resource sharing.

A high pupil/ teacher ratio, lack of quality teacher training & poor infrastructure in schools are all barriers. English, although only a 2nd language, is used as the medium of instruction and as a result, many struggle with comprehension. The demands of the syllabus are grueling & teachers lack the capacity, time & resources to truly aid learning and many students fall far below requirements. Education is seen by many locals as being irrelevant. These are all obstacles we are trying to overcome

This project increases the capacity of schools by providing volunteers & resources. They assist teachers in the classroom, support students & contribute resources. They also offer activities through which pupils can be given focused input. We regularly assess & monitors student progress, with the teachers, in order to have relevant input. Issues related to classroom management are addressed with professional development & we provide workshops in response to specific concerns raised by the staff.

We aim to increase the number of students gaining meaningful qualifications through better access to English literacy. This gives students better employment prospects after school. Improved education will also enable them to take ownership of local assets, allows students to engage critically with the world, their communities and the competing demands of traditional cultural life & globalized culture in Fiji. This gives them tools for self-expression to better negotiate & assert their identity.

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