Seychelles Curieuse Island Conservation

Monitoring and Conserving our Islands of the Seychelles

Curieuse Island in the Seychelles has rich conservation history and high quality wildlife experiences, attracting many tourists and generating significant revenue to the economy but due to past human activity, habitats have been sadly been degraded. We aim to provide scientific data for sustainable management of Curieuese Island and through the provision of qualified staff, volunteers and logistical resources, we rely on data collected by GVI Trust Seychelles, in its decision making regarding park operations.

We have been operating since 2007, with an aim to provide scientific monitoring data to inform sustainable management. The Seychelles authorities rely heavily on the data collected by our project in its decision making. National parks are visited frequently for the wildlife experience, generating revenue for the economy. Scientific monitoring is crucial for the sustainability of activities to effectively rehabilitate habitats. This data is essential to the protection Island.

We run around eight scientific monitoring programs within the local community on multiple Islands. Each of these programs requires a significant input of resources and equipment but there is little funding or support on the local Islands. Our project is essential to providing outreach, training and resources to build a network of local sustainable researchers and data collectors to help protect the eco-systems of the Islands

The success of the Curieuse science program as well as other Islands programs directly translates to more effective sustainable management, long term survival and rehabilitation of the island’s flora and fauna. It also raises the local and international profile of the island, generating further assistance and funding for conservation. We aim to leave this project fully equipped with locals trained and sharing their experience and training with others within the community to ensure they tackle the global issues they face within the Seychelles.

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