Clean Water and Reusable Energy for 2,750 community members in Nepal

This Nepal project is using solar energy to help improve remote rural communities’ resilience, with a focus on improving health, flood-safety and the livelihoods of 2,750 vulnerable people in two isolated communities in Surkhet District.

“By morning, our house was gone, the cattle were gone, my land was gone. I lost everything.” Pun said after being affected by the Bheri River floods of 2014. Immediate disaster assistance has melted away leaving communities without help, some still living in tents in nearby forests, five years later.

Renewable World is hoping to change this situation for more than 2,750 people in two communities in Surkhet. Solar Energy for Community Resilience in Nepal is a highly innovative project that uses solar energy to build community resilience – strengthening health and small enterprise development – and reducing communities’ vulnerability to climate change impacts.

Service and infrastructure goal SDG11 provide assistance for access to financial support and skills development for improved water sanitation, infrastructure and reusable energy sources for households and local businesses.

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