Water Tanks in Fiji!

In the Northern Yasawa Island chain access to safe drinking water is limited. These volcanic islands have limited natural water catchment due to the porous nature of the bedrock. Many villages rely upon a number of different water sources by utilizing seasonal wells, boreholes, and rainwater collection. Water shortages in the northern Yasawas are exasperated and become critical during, what can be, a six month dry season, May-October. During periods of drought, the Fiji government has in the past, been required to send drinking water to the islands via barge after wells and water tanks have run dry.

The collection of rainwater as a source of drinking water is practiced by villages throughout the Yasawa Island chain and throughout the Republic of Fiji. It is a safe and reliable way to source drinking water. However, without sufficient collection capacity, appropriate materials, long term water management plans, system upkeep, filtration, and a system of water reserves, villages become particularly vulnerable to severe water shortages, especially during the dry season.

Since early 2011, GVI has been responsible for the implementation water security improvement programs in drought affected areas of Fiji. As such, one of our basic objectives is, through infrastructure repairs and new installations, to provide an increased water capacity of at least 40,000 Litres of drinking water. We aim to achieve this through your support.

Vinaka Vaka Levu!

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